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Smit & Herzog on The Law of the European Union

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Print Book :4 Volumes
ISBN: 9780820569710
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Smit & Herzog on The Law of the European Union is the completely updated and revised edition of their Law of the European Community: A Commentary on the EC Treaty. LexisNexis offers this refreshed and unique English-language commentary on the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty Establishing the European Community (completed in 2006), both as harmonized by the terms of the Lisbon Treaty which entered into force on December 1, 2009. Featuring renowned scholar, Peter Herzog, ably assisted by Center for International Legal Studies (Salzburg) Director Christian Campbell and Gudrun Zagel, along with a cadre of accomplished European law practitioners, academics, and public servants who analyze each article of the the now-harmonized treaties, its evolution, related treaty provisions, major case law and subordinate (national) legislation and regulations. These provisions are the basis of the European Union's new constitutional framework, addressing central governance structures, common security and foreign policy, internal and external trade, economic regulation, union expansion and social integration, and extensively shaping the domestic laws of all its Member States, so knowledge of them is critical for legal practitioners with transactions involving a European nexus.

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