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Shepard's North Dakota Citations All Inclusive Subscription

Publisher: Shepard's
Frequency: (6 issues)

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ISBN: 9780769816869
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Generations of lawyers have Shepardized to retrieve comprehensive lists of cases and other sources that have cited their case or statute. And they have Shepardized to validate their authorities. Shepard's North Dakota Citations provides the North Dakota citations you need, right at your fingertips:

•  Be sure your case or statute is still good law by using Shepard's time-tested, reliable legal analysis to check the current status of your authority.
•  Find additional supporting authority, including citations from decisions of North Dakota courts, the U.S. Supreme Court and lower federal courts.
•  Locate secondary sources dealing with your issue, including law reviews and annotations.
•  Your all-inclusive subscription includes regular cumulative supplementation, plus any hard-bound publications issued, for one year.