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Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (Civil)

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Book + CD :1 volume, loose-leaf
5th Edition
ISBN: 9781630433246
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LexisNexis and The Civil Jury Instructions Committee of the State Bar of Arizona are pleased to present the Fifth Edition of the Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (Civil).

Whether you're drafting instructions at trial or researching issues before litigation begins, choose the Arizona jury instructions authored by the State Bar of Arizona committees charged with keeping them current, correct and concise.

Major changes include:

1. Updates to current instructions in the 4th edition;
2. New instructions added to "Intentional Torts";
3. New "Agency" instructions;
4. New "Defamation" instructions;
5. New "Residential Eviction Actions" instructions;
6. Updates to cases cited on all instructions, where applicable.

This edition also includes a comprehensive index and a companion CD-ROM which includes the full contents of the book as well as links to all cases referenced in the book.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Civil Jury Instructions Committee 2013-2014 Roster

Introduction to Fifth Edition

Important Notice and Statement of Purpose and Approach

Comparison Table -- RAJI (CIVIL) 5th and RAJI (CIVIL) 4th

Jury Instruction Request Form

Preliminary Instructions

Standard Instructions

Fault Instructions

Negligence Instructions

Medical Negligence Instructions

Product Liability Instructions

Bad Faith Instructions

Premises Liability Instructions

Personal Injury Damages Instructions

Verdict Forms (Fault Cases)

Contract Instructions

Eminent Domain Instructions

Employment Law Instructions

Commercial Torts Instructions

Intentional Torts Instructions

Agency Instructions
Defamation Instructions
Residential Eviction Actions Instructions