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Renewable Portfolio Standards (LexisNexis Global Climate Change Special Pamphlet Series)

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ISBN: 9781422475942
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The focus of this pamphlet is renewable portfolio standards (RPS), which obligate retail sellers of electricity, such as electric utilities, to include in their energy resource portfolios certain minimum amounts of electricity from qualifying renewable energy sources. Requiring increasing amounts of renewable power to be generated or purchased by utilities effectively reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that otherwise would be released into the ambient air from more carbon-intensive electric generation facilities. Along with explaining the basics of RPS programs and sources of renewable power, the pamphlet discusses environmental and economic issues relating to RPS, current state RPS programs, attempts to establish a federal RPS, and renewable energy credits. A handy bibliography containing relevant reports and articles is also provided, which is followed by a directory of useful internet sources.

Renewable Portfolio Standards is just one title in the continuing series of LexisNexis Global Climate Change Special Pamphlets that collectively address the law of global climate change. The series, written by members of the American College of Environmental Lawyers (ACOEL) and other experts, provides complete and up-to-date legal analysis of federal and state climate change statutory and case law, economic analysis of emerging carbon markets, practice pointers, and when appropriate, checklists and forms.

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Table of Contents

§ 1.01 Introduction to Renewable Portfolio Standards

[1] What Is a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)?

[2] Renewable Resources Generally

[a] National Energy Portfolio

[b] Hydroelectric Power

[c] Wind

[d] Biomass

[e] Solar

[f] Geothermal

[g] Other Renewable Energy Sources

[3] Brief Overview of Current Status of State and Federal Programs
[4] Feed-in Tariffs and How They Differ from an RPS

§ 1.02 Environmental and Economic Issues Relating to RPS

§ 1.03 Current State RPS Standards

[1] Overview of Issues Impacting State Programs

[a] Initial Development of State Programs

[b] Final Percentage and Timeline Goals for State RPS Programs

[c] California

[d] New Jersey

[e] Texas

[f] Hawaii

[2] Eligible Resources

[3] In-State vs. Out-of-State Issues

[4] Cost Issues

§ 1.04 Federal RPS

[1] Overview and Objectives of a Single National RPS

[2] House Legislation: The American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES Act)

[3] Senate Legislation: American Clean Energy Leadership Act of 2009 (ACELA)

[4] Senate Legislation: Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

[5] Preemption of State RPS Programs

[6] Effect on National Renewable Energy Industry

§ 1.05 Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

[1] General Background and Overview of RECs Markets

[2] Sources of RECs

[3] Use of RECs to Satisfy State or Federal Standards

[4] Administration of REC Programs and Markets

§ 1.06 Conclusion

§ 1.07 Bibliography and Internet Directory

[1] Reports and Articles

[2] Internet Sources