Promotional Exam Preparation for Law Enforcement

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ISBN: 9781422404409
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Promotional Exam Preparation for Law Enforcement is a must-have for any law enforcement officer who wishes to score well on a sergeant's, lieutenant's, captain's, deputy chief's, or chief's promotional exam. This book presents a preparation system that is designed specifically to help officers in all states succeed at moving up in rank. Users of this guide will benefit from the instructions for successful preparation, the tips & techniques for productive study sessions, and the extensive discussion on exam strategies. Further, the contents include a unique bank of multiple choice questions on these topics:

•  Supervision of Law Enforcement Officers

•  Law Enforcement Management and Administration

•  Leadership

•  Basic Patrol and Field Operations

•  Internal Investigations

•  Constitutional Criminal Procedure & The Laws of Arrest, Search & Seizure

•  The Law of Evidence & Eyewitness Identification

•  Interviews, Confessions & Miranda

•  Criminal Investigation

Additionally, all questions feature a corresponding answer key that includes comprehensive explanations for each correct choice. And the package is made complete with two Formal Exams that will allow the student to apply learned techniques, identify strengths and weaknesses by subject area, and practice general test-taking skills.

Your promotional exam preparation is incomplete without this book!

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Part 1 

•  Chapter 1. Introduction: Establishing the Proper Mindset

•  Chapter 2. Exam Preparation: Study Techniques and Tips

•  Chapter 3. Specialized Exam Strategies

Part 2

•  Chapter 4. Supervision of Law Enforcement Officers

•  Chapter 5. Law Enforcement Management and Administration

•  Chapter 6. Leadership

•  Chapter 7. Basic Patrol and Field Operations

•  Chapter 8. Internal Investigations

•  Chapter 9. Constitutional Criminal Procedure & The Laws of Arrest, Search & Seizure

•  Chapter 10. The Law of Evidence & Eyewitness Identification

•  Chapter 11. Interviews, Confessions, & Miranda

•  Chapter 12. Criminal Investigation

Part 3

•  Practice Formal Exams