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Special Note: Now this Handbook has become even more useful, with an annual supplement containing State-to-State Case Summaries by John A. Stephen.

This handbook contains practical advice for police officers about how to handle the arrest, investigation, and trial of an individual found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. It is written by three leading attorneys with extensive experience in criminal and DUI matters.

Here are some of the tips you will find inside Officer's DUI Handbook:
* Checklists to aid in DUI investigations
* Arrest & custody issues
* Landmines to avoid in investigation
* Accident reconstruction checklists
* Tips to increase conviction rates
* How to testify

Find out how courts have handled cases similar to yours with new case examples, which can be used in training or on the road. Plan your strategy based on these court rulings, which illustrate patterns derived from actual cases around the country. Use the citations following each case to further investigate a topic that interests you.

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Table of Contents

•  Chapter 1: Elements of the Offense

•  Chapter 2: Detection, Apprehension and Investigation

•  Chapter 3: Implied Consent and the Administration of Chemical Tests

•  Chapter 4: Arrest and Custody

•  Chapter 5: Building the Shield Against Defense Motions: A Roadmap for DWI Crash Investigations

•  Chapter 6: At-Scene Checklists

•  Chapter 7: How to Testify: Bringing the Investigation into the Courtroom

•  Chapter 8: Alcohol Toxicology 101: A Basic Guide for Police Officers Investigating OUI Cases