New York Juvenile Delinquency Practice, Third Edition

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781579111793
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An essential new tool for anyone who handles juvenile delinquency cases in New York courts, New York Juvenile Delinquency Practice offers a comprehensive review of both the leading and most recent cases in every major area of delinquency law complete with expert commentary and practical advice. This manual is an easy to use reference tool you'll look to again and again for quick and definitive guidance on this growing and important practice area.

New York Juvenile Delinquency Practice is also a complete reference tool in the following areas of adult criminal practice:

  • suppression of evidence, including statements, identifications and physical evidence
  • Rosario material and Brady material
  • impeachment of witnesses
  • admissibility of evidence of uncharged crimes
  • missing witness inference
  • witnesses under the age of twelve
  • sufficient establishment of physical injury
  • trial issues involving statement, identifications and physical evidence.
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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Preliminary Considerations
    Chapter 2 Discovery, Brady and Rosario Material
    Chapter 3 Statements: Suppression and Trial Issues
    Chapter 4 Identification: Suppression and Trial Issues
    Chapter 5: Physical Evidence: Suppression and Trial Issues
    Chapter 6: The Fact-Finding Stage: Substantive Trial Issues
    Chapter 7: Post-Fact Finding Proceedings
    Appendix A: Prosecution Notice Menu
    Appendix B: Respondent's Motion Menu
    Appendix C: Presentment Agency's Answering Affirmation Menu
    Table of Cases
    Table of Statutes