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New Jersey Foreclosure Law & Practice

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ISBN: 9781628814378
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"Tross' book is a valuable research tool. It is well organized, so that it is easy to find the topic you seek." --Lawrence J. Fineberg, NJ Regional Counsel, Chicago Title Insurance Co., Author of NJ Title Practice

"Excellent resource. I use it regularly." --Eric Salant, Esq., Holmdel

"Well written and comprehensive; a must read for any real estate practitioner." -- Christopher J. LaMonica, Brick Township

Since this book was originally published in 2001, New Jersey has experienced record numbers of foreclosures. The large volume of foreclosures has, in turn, led to significant revisions of the Court Rules applicable to foreclosures, as well as legislative reform. In addition, the courts have rendered countless decisions refining and, in some cases, changing existing law.

This annual update incorporates all of the recent developments in this important area of this law. These recent developments include new pleading requirements, electronic filing, additional defenses, mediation, extended redemption, non-recourse, carve-out provisions, changes in municipal tax lien procedure, and revisions to the Bankruptcy Code. Also, a CD of forms has been updated to incorporate recent developments.