New Jersey Foreclosure Law & Practice

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ISBN: 9781628812558
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Now issued as an annual paperback and in EPUB format®, Adobe® Digital Editions (pc and mac). The digital edition is in EPUB format, with hyperlinks to the full text of cases, statutes and other authoritative content for all your legal research needs.

No more complicated updates! Completely updated and heavily indexed, this new edition of New Jersey Foreclosure Law and Practice gives readers easier access to the best strategies, analyses, and procedures in this area of law. Protect your clients' interest during this economic downturn. New Jersey Foreclosure Law and Practice is an essential resource for those representing banks, mortgage companies, municipalities, condominium and homeowner associations, investors, as well as debtors. A library of forms is included on CD.

“Tross’s book is a valuable research tool. It is well organized, so that it is easy to find the topic you seek.”
--Lawrence J. Fineberg, NJ Regional Counsel
Chicago Title Insurance Co.
Author of NJ Title Practice

“Excellent resource. I use it regularly.”
-- Eric Salant, Esq., Holmdel

“Well written and comprehensive; a must read for any real estate practitioner.”
-- Christopher J. LaMonica, Brick Township