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New Appleman on Insurance: Current Critical Issues in Insurance Law is a quarterly periodical that addresses the most urgent challenges facing insurance law practitioners. The articles either are on cutting edge issues in insurance law or recurring and still unsettled issues in insurance law. Several of the articles feature charts of how the appellate courts of many jurisdictions have decided key insurance law issues. The articles are written by practitioners and scholars of the highest caliber. Recent articles feature analyses of:
•  Recoupment of defense costs for noncovered claims (with multi-state survey of law on insurer recoupment of defense or settlement costs)
•  The allocation of costs in multi-insurer cases spanning multiple years: the deceptively simple problem of defense costs
•  Key issues bearing on the scope of an insurer’s duty to defend
• "Additional Insured" coverage: current issues and regional peculiarities<
> •  Often overlooked provisions in General Liability Policies
•  Regulated use of social media in the insurance industry<
•  The allocation of loss within insurance policies covering management liability risks
•  The National Flood Insurance Program’s efforts to minimize losses due to floods and the strengths and weaknesses of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012
•  A case where insurance defense lawyers escaped discipline for failure to inform the insured of limitations on their representation only because the requirements were previously unclear
•  Recent developments in insurance covering defective construction claims
•  The gray area between legal and illegal sales in the secondary market for life insurance policies unwanted by policyholders
•  Changes to the language of the standard defense obligation and their effect upon an insurer’s duty to defend

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Here are the articles that appeared recently in the quarterly:

Business Income Insurance Disputes: Twenty Lessons Learned Since the Attacks of September 11, 2001

Insurance for Food and Beverage Claims

Management Liability Insurance for Law Firms

Insurance Coverage for Post-Repair Diminution in Value: Trends in Automobile and Real Property Claims (With Multi-State Chart of Pertinent Court Decisions)

Insurance Coverage for Antitrust Lawsuits

Advice of Counsel and Insurance Bad Faith: Current Contours and Criticisms

The Intersection of Social Media and Insurance

An Overview of Seven State Sponsored Property Insurance Programs

The Clash of Insurable Interest and the Evolving Secondary Life Insurance and Annuity Market: The Rise of Stranger-Originated Life Insurance Lawsuits

U.S. On-Shore Captive Domiciles: Is There Really Any Evil Lurking in an Emerging Shadow Industry?

The Supreme Court's 2011 Class Action Decisions: Their Impact on Insurance Impact on Insurance Class Actions

Health Insurance at The Intersection of State and Federal Regulation: Confused Regulation of ERISA Fully Insured MEWAs

Mortgage Insurance Issues

The Increasing Complexity of Condominium Insurance