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Moore's Federal Practice Reference Guide: Manual of Complex Litigation

Publisher: Matthew Bender

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ISBN: 9780820558684
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Manual for Complex Litigation, Fourth. Issued in 2004 under the auspices of the Federal Judicial Center, Washington, D.C., the Fourth Edition of the Manual is an important resource for federal litigators. This successor to the Manual for Complex Litigation, Third, describes approaches that trial judges have found to be useful in managing complex cases. This edition updates the treatment of electronic discovery and other aspects of pretrial management and describes major changes affecting case management in the substantive and procedural law in mass torts, class actions, intellectual property, employment discrimination, and other types of litigation. A new chapter deals with managing scientific evidence.

Table of Contents

Preface, Acknowledgments, Introduction 
  Part I: Overview
     10. General Principles

    11. Pretrial Procedures

    12. Trial

    13. Settlement

    14. Attorney Fees

    15. Judgments and Appeals

  Part II: Special Problems

    20. Multiple Jurisdiction Litigation

    21. Class Actions

    22. Mass Torts

    23. Expert Scientific Evidence

  Part III: Particular Types of Litigation

    30. Antitrust

    31. Securities

    32. Employment Discrimination

    33. Intellectual Property

    34. CERCLA (Superfund)

    35. Civil RICO

  Part IV: Sample Orders

  40.1 Order Setting Initial Conference

    40.2 Sample Case-Management Orders

    40.3 Order Creating a Web Site

    40.4 Class Actions Orders

    40.5 Orders in Special Cases

    40.6 Sample Final Pretrial Orders

    40.7 Jury Questionnaire