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Publisher: LexisNexis

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Print Book :3 volumes, softbound, updated annually
ISBN: 9781422470886
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The Moore's AnswerGuide series covers important topics related to civil litigation, including jurisdiction, venue, initial pleadings, motion practice, and discovery. These convenient desk references provide:

•  Succinct answers to major points of federal practice.
•  Expert analyses, strategic pointers, warnings, circuit split discussions, and other case-oriented insight.
•  Numerous checklists, providing step-by-step guidance for pretrial procedures.
•  Cross-references to Moore’s Federal Practice, Bender's Federal Practice Forms, Federal Litigation Guide, and other sources for more detailed analysis and forms.

This complete set of Moore’s AnswerGuides combine practical answers with guidance to relevant cases, codes, rules and in-depth analytical sources in 3 portable products, Federal Pretrial Civil Litigation, Federal Discovery Practice and Federal Civil Motion Practice. You’ll find these indispensable resources packed with citations to case law, statutory and analytical cross-references, and Search by Topic features, plus indispensable insight by Consulting Editors from Jenner & Block LLP, one of the country’s leading law firms.

Purchase this complete set of Moore's AnswerGuides today and get 3 premier resources to help you supercharge your Federal civil litigation practice for 1 low price.

Table of Contents

Moore's AnswerGuide: Federal Pretrial Civil Litigation

CHAPTER 1 Determining Forum

CHAPTER 2 Removal

CHAPTER 3 Parties

CHAPTER 4 Pleading Stage

CHAPTER 5 Required Conferences and Case Management

CHAPTER 6 Provisional Remedies

CHAPTER 7 Class Actions

CHAPTER 8 Discovery

CHAPTER 9 Pretrial Motion Practice

CHAPTER 10 Settlement Agreements and Offers of Judgment

CHAPTER 11 Sanctions and Contempt

Table of Statutes


Moore's AnswerGuide: Federal Discovery Practice

CHAPTER 1 Developing a Discovery Plan

CHAPTER 2 Scope of Discovery: Relevance and Burden

CHAPTER 3 Privileges and Work Product Protection

CHAPTER 4 Pretrial Conferences and Mandatory Disclosures

CHAPTER 5 Requests for Production and Inspection

CHAPTER 6 Management and Discovery of Electronically Stored Information

CHAPTER 7 Interrogatories

CHAPTER 8 Oral Depositions

CHAPTER 9 Written Depositions

CHAPTER 10 Perpetuation of Testimony

CHAPTER 11 Physical and Mental Examinations

CHAPTER 12 Discovery of Experts

CHAPTER 13 Requests for Admission
CHAPTER 14 Nonparty Discovery: Subpoena

CHAPTER 15 Modifying Discovery Procedures by Stipulation

CHAPTER 16 Restricting and Modifying Discovery Procedures by Motion; Protective Orders

CHAPTER 17 Compelling Discovery by Motion

CHAPTER 18 Sanctions

Appendix: Selected Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Table of Statutes


Moore's AnswerGuide: Federal Civil Motion Practice

CHAPTER 1 Preparing, Filing, and Serving Motions

CHAPTER 2 Motions Affecting the Pleadings

CHAPTER 3 Dismissals

CHAPTER 4 Transfer, Removal, and Remand

CHAPTER 5 Provisional Remedies

CHAPTER 6 Discovery

CHAPTER 7 Sanctions and Contempt

CHAPTER 8 Class Actions and Derivative Actions

CHAPTER 9 Summary Judgment

CHAPTER 10 Default Judgment

CHAPTER 11 Trial Motions

CHAPTER 12 Post-Trial Motions

Table of Statutes