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6th Edition
ISBN: 9781522109419
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6th Edition
ISBN: 9781522123804
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Learn how to address and overcome evidentiary problems in military courts-martial proceedings. Military Evidentiary Foundations brings military evidence law to life, showing you how to frame foundational questions to gain admission or exclusion of evidence. The book includes specific lines of questioning, demonstrating courtroom-proven trial techniques applying military evidence law. Trust this expert treatise from the same authors that wrote the LexisNexis Military Rules of Evidence Manual.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction: The Mechanics of Introducing Evidence in Courts-Martial 
Chapter 2 Preserving Error: Objections, Offers of Proof, And Motions
Chapter 3 The Competency of Witnesses
Chapter 4 Authentication, Identification, and Verification of Evidence
Chapter 5 Credibility Evidence
Chapter 6 Character, Habit, and Other Acts Evidence
Chapter 7 Privileges and Similar Rules of Exclusion
Chapter 8 The Original Writing “Best Evidence” Rule
Chapter 9 Opinion Evidence
Chapter 10 The Hearsay Rule And Its Exemptions
Chapter 11 Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule
Chapter 12 Substitutes for Evidence
Chapter 13 Constitutional Privileges: The Section III Exclusionary Rules
Appendix Military Rules of Evidence