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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781422471074
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Cut through the confusion surrounding the court-martial process with the Third Edition of Military Criminal Procedure Forms. This practical resource provides all the forms, motions, letters, and other material you need for the court-martial process - from pretrial investigation through appellate disposition. It also provides discussion of the applicable statutory, regulatory, or case law related to the forms.

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Table of Contents

Summary Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Military Justice; Formats

Chapter 2 Investigation and Processing of Charges; Prosecution's Preliminary Preparations

Chapter 3 Nonjudicial Punishment

Chapter 4 Defense's Preliminary Preparation and Processing; Plea Bargaining

Chapter 5 Convening of Court; Selection and Appointment of Participants

Chapter 6 Prosecution Notice, Discovery, and Disclosure of Evidence

Chapter 7 Defense Notice, Discovery, and Disclosure of Evidence

Chapter 8 Motions Practice

Chapter 9 Military Pleas

Chapter 10 Trial Procedures, Evidence, and Practice

Chapter 11 Post-Trial Processing and Review

Chapter 12 Appellate Review and Practice


Table of Cases

Table of Statutes