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Michigan Penal Code and Motor Vehicle Law Handbook

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Fall 2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781522115656
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Fall 2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781522115656
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Michigan Penal Code and Motor Vehicle Handbook features the full text of the Penal Code, the Vehicle Code, and the Uniform Traffic Code, as well as hundreds of other provisions relating to law enforcement.

Features include:

•   Highlights of the most recent legislative session
•   Table of Sections Affected
•   Fully updated Michigan Legal Guidelines
•   Extensive index

Table of Contents

This edition features Michigan Compiled Laws provisions from: 

Chapter 3. Federal and Interstate Relations
Chapter 8. Statutes
Chapter 16. Executive Organizations
Chapter 28. Michigan State Police
Chapter 29. Fire Prevention
Chapter 41. Townships
Chapter 46. County Board of Commissioners
Chapter 247. Highways
Chapters 256 and 257. Motor Vehicles
Chapter 259. Aviation
Chapter 281. Lakes and Rivers
Chapter 324. Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act
Chapter 333. Health
Chapter 390. Universities and Colleges
Chapter 430. Names, Titles, Insignia, and Emblems
Chapter 433. Animals Running at Large
Chapter 435. Sundays and Holidays
Chapter 436. Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 462. Railroads
Chapter 480. Motor Carrier Safety
Chapter 500. Insurance Code of 1956
Chapter 570. Liens
Chapter 600. Revised Judicature Act of 1961
Chapter 691. Judiciary
Chapters 712 and 712A. Probate Code
Chapter 722. Children
Chapter 750. Michigan Penal Code
Chapter 752. Crimes and Offenses
Chapters 760-777. Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 780. Criminal Procedure
Uniform Traffic Code