Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California E-Discovery and Evidence

The Only Practice Guide Dedicated to California E-Discovery

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ISBN: 9781422471104
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Stay at the cutting edge of this rapidly developing area of California litigation with one-stop convenience. Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California E-Discovery and Evidence gives you detailed, step-by-step coverage of the use of electronically stored information (ESI) in California state court litigation, and keeps you on top of the latest analyses, procedures, strategies and more with two timely updates every year.

This one-volume practice guide fully incorporates California’s 2009 Electronic Discovery Act and implementing rules of court. It discusses the discovery of ESI ("e-discovery"), including detailed checklists, discussion, practice tips, and sample California-specific forms, and also includes discussion of data storage and other technical issues relevant to e-discovery, with a glossary of technical terms. Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California E-Discovery and Evidence is the only publication of its kind available for California e-discovery and is a "must" for all attorneys involved in e-discovery under the California Electronic Discovery Act.

Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California E-Discovery and Evidence is the only one-stop California-specific guide to this increasingly critical area of California litigation.

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Featuring more of what you’re looking for in a comprehensive research system - a task-based format, thorough yet concise content, citable expert insight, twice-a-year updating, a superior print/online interface, sample searches and so much more - Matthew Bender California Practice Guides will help lift your efforts to a whole new level of success.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1, Understanding Electronic Evidence

Chapter 2, Governing Law In Electronic Discovery

Chapter 3, Ethical Issues For Attorneys In E-Discovery

Chapter 4, Planning E-Discovery

Chapter 5, Initial Procedures In E-Discovery: Notice, Document Preservation, Meeting and Conferring, and Case Management Conference

Chapter 5A, E-Discovery Deposition Practice

Chapter 6, Demanding Production of Electronically Stored Information In California Court

Chapter 7, Obtaining Injunction to Protect Against Destruction of Electronic Evidence Pending Discovery

Chapter 8, Responding To Electronic Discovery Demands In California Court

Chapter 9, Gathering and Producing Electronically Stored Information

Chapter 10, Opposing Demands for Production of Electronic Evidence In California Court

Chapter 11, Seeking or Opposing Protective Order

Chapter 12, Obtaining or Opposing Motion to Compel

Chapter 13, Seeking or Opposing Sanctions For Noncompliance

Chapter 14, Discovery of Electronically Stored Information Residing In Foreign Jurisdictions

Chapter 15, Admissibility of Electronic Evidence at Trial

Chapter 16, Establishing Best Practices Regarding Electronically Stored Information