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Marten Law on American Trucking Associations, Inc. v. City of Los Angeles: U.S. Supreme Court Holds Federal Law Preempts Los Angeles Port Program, Signaling Close Scrutiny of State and Local Initiatives to Regulate Trucking (PDF)

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PDF :Electronic, 6 Pages
ISBN: 9781422429983
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In this article, Jessica Ferrell of Marten Law PLLC examines the Supreme Court's decision in Am. Trucking Ass'ns v. City of Los Angeles. Along with holding that the Federal Aviation Admin. Authorization Act preempts provisions of the Port of Los Angeles' Clean Truck Program, the opinion limits the ability of local & state government to take enforcement action to curtail a variety of practices in the trucking industry that contribute to pollution.


Marten Law Group attorney Jessica Ferrell focuses her practice on environmental and natural resource litigation. Jessica represents clients on a broad range of environmental matters in litigation arising under state and federal environmental laws. She has special expertise in endangered species and marine resource issues.


Areas of Practice:


-Environmental Litigation

-Endangered Species & Natural Resources

-Climate Change/Sustainability

-Permitting & Environmental Review

-Waste Cleanup




-Marten Law Group PLLC, Seattle, WA (2005 - Present)




-J.D., Lewis and Clark Law School (2005)

-Editorial Board, Environmental Law Review

-Davis Wright Tremaine International Law Writing award

-Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law

-B.A., Cornell University, History (1998)


Marten Law PLLC is an environmental and energy law firm advising companies and public agencies on some of the most challenging aspects of environmental, energy, land use and natural resource legal matters. With experience in nearly every aspect of environmental and energy law, the firm strives to help clients navigate the maze of federal, state and local regulations in order to resolve disputes and grow their business. Marten Law PLLC is a leading legal expert on alternative energy and climate change policy, lending content and ongoing commentary to the LexisNexis® Environmental Legal Newsroom. The firm has offices in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.


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