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Manual of Federal Practice, 5th Ed.

Publisher: Michie

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Print Book :3 volumes, hardbound
ISBN: 9780327001393
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This is a classic guide to federal litigation. The manual offers extensive and current coverage of substantive and procedural law. Citations to thousands of cases, rules, and statutes give quick access to the latest laws governing federal civil practice. The publication is updated semi-annually.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Jurisdiction

Chapter 2. Venue And Transfer

Chapter 3. Pleadings And Parties

Chapter 4. Preliminary Motions

Chapter 5. Discovery

Chapter 6. Pretrial

Chapter 7. Trials

Appendix To Chapter 7

Chapter 8. Appellate Practice And Procedure

Chapter 9. Pressures Confronting The Federal Courts

Appendix To Chapter 9

Chapter 10. Some Problems And Traps For The Unwary In Federal Practice

Chapter 11. Interaction Of Federal Legislation And Litigation

Appendix To Chapter 11

Chapter 12. Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act

Appendix To Chapter 12