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This quick reference guide for civil litigators summarizes the legal requirements of virtually every cause of action based in tort recognized in Maine. The authors bring it all together for you - the cases, the statutes and applicable procedural rules.

The common law and statutory requirements for each cause of action are examined in detail and the law of other states is referenced where Maine law is lacking or where useful comparisons can be made. The authors discuss the principles underlying tort damages, as well as tort liability.

Maine Tort Law is the ideal place to begin your research and saves you hours of time in the library. A quick review of the appropriate section of this manual will enable you to focus in on the relevant facts and critical issues of your client's case. Whether you are conducting the investigation, preparing your pleadings, drafting interrogatories, or getting ready for trial; this book will get you instantly to the information you need.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Assault and Battery
Chapter 2 False Imprisonment
Chapter 3 Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process
Chapter 4 Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Chapter 5 Trespass to Land
Chapter 6 Conversion
Chapter 7 The Negligence Action
Chapter 8 Premises Liability
Chapter 9 Professional Torts
Chapter 10 Transportation Accidents
Chapter 11 Commercial Torts
Chapter 12 Products Liability
Chapter 13 Defamation and Privacy
Chapter 14 Nuisance and Strict Liability
Chapter 15 Governmental and Governmental Officer Torts
Chapter 16 Multiple Defendants
Chapter 17 Defenses
Chapter 18 Insurance and Tort Law
Chapter 19 Damages