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Library of Connecticut Family Law Forms

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ISBN: 9781576257401
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Library of Connecticut Family Law Forms is a comprehensive library of over 200 forms regarding matters of Separation, Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, and Domestic Violence. Find a wide variety of forms from initial summons through ADR, trial, and relief. This soft cover book contains a printed version of each form, and is organized to bring you through your matter from start to finish. Includes a CD of all printed forms that allows for easy drafting and editing of Word documents.

NEW for 2nd Edition:

The Second Edition of Library of Connecticut Family Law Forms is a representative sample of common pleadings that may be used in most divorce cases. The book contains over 200 forms, new and updated since the publication of the first edition. Commentary from the expert editors provides guidance on the use of the forms, including: when, how and why certain forms should be filed; how to avoid common pitfalls; and tips on strategy.