LexisNexis Practice Guide: Pennsylvania Personal Injury Litigation

Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Print Book :1 volume, softbound
2016 Edition
ISBN: 9781522115731
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LexisNexis Practice Guide: Pennsylvania Personal Injury Litigation brings the success of the LexisNexis Practice Guide series to the Pennsylvania practitioner. It is a portable, single-volume paperback that is easy to take to meetings, court hearings, settlement conferences, or anywhere the practitioner needs to go. The 14-chapter volume provides comprehensive coverage of the most significant topics facing the personal injury practitioner, provides a clear summary of key issues and cases on the topics, and provides helpful cross-references to additional resources for the practitioner who needs to delve more deeply into a topic. This publication is affordably priced and updated every year.

Features and Benefits include:

Cases and Statutes: There are hundreds of cases and statutes discussed in the book, so the practitioner is not only likely to find authority on virtually any point faced, but may even find a case that presents facts similar to the practitioner’s own case.

Checklists: There are dozens of checklists throughout the book giving step-by-step guides to the tasks the practitioner should follow in handling a personal injury case.

Forms: Almost every chapter contains forms on the most significant pleadings related to the chapter topic. All together, there are over 50 forms in the book.

Practice Tips: There are hundreds of Practice Tips, Strategic Points, and Warnings throughout the book that provide practical advice at every stage of the litigation process.

Practice Resources: Every section within every chapter contains a Practice Resource component that provides cross-references to extensive additional materials that the practitioner can access for a more expanded discussion of the various topics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -- Initial Case Handling

Chapter 2 -- Intentional Torts and Defenses

Chapter 3 -- Negligence and Defenses

Chapter 4 -- Motor Vehicle Negligence and Defenses

Chapter 5 -- Premises Liability and Defenses

Chapter 6 -- Products Liability and Defenses

Chapter 7 -- Medical Malpractice and Defenses

Chapter 8 -- Nursing Home, Elder Care, Assisted Living, and Adult Family Care Actions

Chapter 9 -- Governmental Liability and Defenses

Chapter 10 -- Consumer Actions and Defenses

Chapter 11 -- Liability and Defenses in Special Cases

Chapter 12 -- Wrongful Death/Survival Actions and Defenses

Chapter 13 -- Special Considerations in Personal Injury Cases

Chapter 14 -- Damages