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LexisNexis CD -- New Jersey Primary Law

Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9780327107538X
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The new LexisNexis CD platform has the following new and enhanced features:

Browser-based functionality. Designed to run in your browser, the LexisNexis CD platform features a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making searching easier than ever.

Improved phrase searches. Phrase searches are much faster than in previous software versions.

FOCUS Search features. This new feature allows you to hone search criteria and then use that criteria to search only those documents returned in response to the most recently performed searches.

Saved Searches feature. The LexisNexis CD platform lets you save searches for retrieval and reuse at any time, included from session to session.

Table of Contents

Leverage your legal expertise with LexisNexis CD - New Jersey Primary Law, the foremost CD-ROM system that's fast, easy, current and affordable. It includes:

•  New Jersey Statutes (annotated)

•  New Jersey Advance Legislative Service

•  Decisions reported in New Jersey Law Reports 1899 to 1948

•  Decisions reported in New Jersey Reports since 1948

•  Decisions reported in New Jersey Equity Reports 1924 to 1948

•  Decisions reported in New Jersey Superior Court Reports since 1948

•  Tax Court of New Jersey Decisions since 1979

•  Selected Federal Court Decisions