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LexisNexis CD for Michigan

Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9780327107378X
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LexisNexis CD for Michigan is a user-friendly CD-ROM research system that puts a complete library of Michigan law at your fingertips. Case law, annotated statutes, annotated court rules, rules of evidence, and more.

With LexisNexis CD for Michigan you get a fast, easy-to-use electronic format, so can you find what you need when and where you need it. You can take your library with you -- all on CD. Access anytime, anywhere and get results fast.

LexisNexis CD for Michigan now includes the Michigan Complied Laws Service (MCLS) from LexisNexis. Formerly offered as Michigan Statutes Annotated (MSA), MCLS provides all the editorial enhancements offered by MSA, plus a new format based on Michigan's official numbering system and expanded annotations.

IT'S CURRENT. Regular updates ensure that you're researching today's law. For the latest court decisions, connect right from the CD to a special LexisNexis Michigan case law update library at no extra charge.

IT'S AFFORDABLE. Talk to your LexisNexis sales representative to find out about affordable pricing options

Table of Contents

In one source, you get all the essential Michigan law when and where you need it.

Michigan Compiled Laws Service (MCLS)
Michigan Court Rules Annotated
Michigan Rules of Evidence
Michigan Public Acts Table
Michigan Supreme Court Decisions since 1841

Michigan Court of Appeals Decisions since 1965
Michigan Advance Legislative Service

PLUS Online Connection to a special Michigan case law update library on the LexisNexis service - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!