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Labor and Employment in Louisiana: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations & Practices

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Print Book :1 volume, looseleaf
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780327002055
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Written for human resource managers, small and medium-sized business owners, corporate counsel and general practitioners, this publication provides a concise, readable explanation of applicable federal and state labor and employment law. Coverage includes: hiring, hours of work and payment of wages, health and safety standards, civil rights, union organizing, collective bargaining and strikes, employer liability for employees' acts, private health care and life insurance, disability or death of employee, retirement benefits, termination of employment, advisors and information sources. In addition to the thorough federal coverage, the authors have meticulously compiled and annotated areas in which Louisiana, rather than federal law, governs the employment relationship. Includes numerous handy checklists.

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Table of Contents

(Abbreviated Table of Contents)
Chapter 1 The Employment Relationship
Chapter 2 Hiring
Chapter 3 Hours of Work and Payment of Wages
Chapter 4 Benefits
Chapter 5 Health and Safety Standards
Chapter 6 Testing
Chapter 7 Employment Discrimination
Chapter 8 Employee Relations
Chapter 9 Union Organizing, Collective Bargaining, and Strikes
Chapter 10 Disability or Death of an Employee
Chapter 11 Termination of Employment and Unemployment Compensation
Chapter 12 Employer Record Keeping, Reporting, and Taxes
Chapter 13 Advisers and Information Sources