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Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions -- Criminal

Publisher: Matthew Bender

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2017-2018 Edition
ISBN: 9781522129417
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2016-2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522116349
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Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions -- Criminal is essential content for criminal practitioners. These instructions are prepared and updated by the Special Supreme Court Committee on Pattern Jury Instructions-Criminal. Illinois Supreme Court Rule 451(a) prescribes the use of Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions in criminal cases. Jury instructions provide a roadmap to define the elements essential to defending a criminal matter. This two-volume set with downloadable content covers topics including burden of proof, homicide, theft, and weapons.

Table of Contents


1.00 Function of court, jury, and counsel

2.00 Burden of proof

3.00 Particular types of evidence

4.00 Definitions of certain words

5.00 Mental state, accountability, and responsibility

6.00 Inchoate offenses

7.00 Homicide

8.00 Kidnapping

9.00 Sex offenses

10.00 Abortion

11.00 Assault, battery, and related crimes

12.00 Eavesdropping

13.00 Theft

14.00 Robbery and burglary

15.00 Arson and related offenses

16.00 Criminal damage and trespass


17.00 Cannabis and controlled substances

18.00 Weapons

19.00 Mob action

20.00 Gambling

21.00 Bribery

22.00 Interference with judicial and other governmental functions

23.00 Traffic

24.-25.00 Defenses

26.00 Concluding instructions and forms of verdicts

27.00 Sample sets of instructions

28.00-28A.00 Enhancement/extended term sentencing