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Idaho Code Citator

Publisher: Michie

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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9780327172963
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The Idaho Code Citator provides up-to-date and accurate case history on each case appearing in our Idaho Code. Compiled by our expert editorial team and the Shepard's Citations group, this annually updated publication is an intuitively organized companion to the Code.

Using the Citator and Shepard's, a cornerstone of the legal profession for over 100 years, you can find additional supporting authority, including citations from decisions of Idaho courts, the U.S. and Idaho Supreme Courts, state and Federal appeals courts, as well as secondary sources including law reviews and annotations. Shepard's citations allow you to see the entire progression of opinions and citations with editorial treatments (e.g., explained or distinguished) so you can develop a more thorough analysis of your case.

Be sure your case is still good law and get the most out of your Idaho Code, published officially for the state by LexisNexis, by using Shepard's time-tested, reliable legal analysis to check the current status of your authority, exclusively from LexisNexis.