Hiba Husseini on Secured Transactions Regimes in Emerging Arab Market Economies (PDF)

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ISBN: 9781422429983
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Access to credit is one limitation on growth in Arab economies. Secured transactions laws leave borrowers unable to leverage while lenders struggle to manage uncertainty created by outdated laws. Reform can reduce lender risk and increase credit. With an open regime eliminating barriers, setting clear priority rules, maintaining public registries and enforcing security agreements, Arab economies can access to credit in their own economies.


Ms. Hiba Husseini received her doctorate of law (J.D) .from Georgetown University (1992) and her masters in corporate finance (M.S.) from the University of the Sorbonne (2003). She is a member of the Pennsylvania State Bar, USA (1993) and the Palestinian Bar (1997), and has over 20 years' experience in corporate law and finance as managing partner of one of Palestine's most prominent law firms (Husseini and Husseini) where she specializes in commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, contracts and agreements (other areas include intellectual property, banking, labor and employment, investment and taxation, creditors' rights and bankruptcy, corporate governance, monitoring legislation, and local government and municipal authorizations/licenses). Ms. Husseini represents a variety of domestic companies, financial institutions, entrepreneurs and investors in their business activities and investments. She also works closely with Palestinian institutions on trade and customs matters and has provided advisory services to clients on procedures related to customs and duties imposed in Palestine. She has been working extensively with the Ministry of National Economy on the legal framework in its preparation for accession to the WTO. Ms. Husseini is a founder and board member of Al-Quds Holding Ltd, and the chairman and founding member of Al-Mustakbal Foundation. She serves on the boards of various educational, professional, cultural, business, and non-profit organizations. She lectures in Palestine and abroad and participates in a large number of local and international conferences. She is fluent in both Arabic and English.


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