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Florida Real Property Litigation, 8th Edition

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8th Edition
ISBN: 9781632846594
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Florida Real Property Litigation provides invaluable statutory and case analysis, pleading forms, and practice pointers. This essential reference examines a broad range of topics, including access and eviction, foreclosure of mortgages and liens, boundary and title problems, and covenants and easements, and features an entire chapter devoted to successful recovery of attorneys' fees in real property disputes.

To further aid the practitioner, the text incorporates over 100 forms and checklists to guide you through efficient and effective litigation.

Highlights of the new 8th Edition include:

•   New discussion regarding
     ◦  equitable lien and unjust enrichment claims
     ◦  provisions in leases and executory contracts
     ◦  bankruptcy
     ◦  prohibited government exactions — F.S. 70.45
     ◦  new legislation defining property owner
•   New Case Law
•   Revised statutes and rules

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

 Chapter 1   Quieting Title And Ejectment  

1-A  Quieting Title

Matthew B. Taylor

1-B   Ejectment

Matt Taylor

Chapter 2   Boundary Disputes

Robert G. Cochran and Andrew K. Macfarlane

Chapter 3   Slander Of Title

Rachael S. Loukonen

Chapter 4   Partition

I. William Spivey II

Chapter 5   Foreclosures

5-A   General Foreclosure Procedure

Antonio Martinez, Jr., Edward J. O’Sheehan, Geoffrey L. Travis,
and Benjamin E. Wilson

5-B   Commercial Mortgages

Manuel Kushner and H. Richard Bisbee

5-C   Agreements For Deed

Sonya K. Daws

5-D   Construction Liens

Stephen H. Reisman and Neal Sklar

5-E   Condominium And Homeowners’ Association Liens

Michael J. Gelfand, Joanne Gelfand and Steven Newburgh

Chapter 6   Re-Creating And Correcting Instruments And Agreements

6-A   Defective Or Lost Instruments

Jeffrey D. Fridkin and Michael T. Traficante

6-B   Reformation, Rescission, And Cancellation Of Instruments And Agreements

Manuel Farach

Chapter 7   Service Of Process

7-A   Service Of Process Under F.S. Chapter 48

Michelle Garcia Gilbert

7-B   Constructive Service Of Process Under F.S. Chapter 49

Michael G. Meyer

Chapter 8   Breach Of Sales And Loan Agreements

8-A   Actions For Breach Of Real Estate Sales Contracts

E. Lanny Russell and Nicholas W. Morcom

8-B   Lender Liability Issues Arising From Construction Loan Agreements

Kendall Coffey and Ava J. Borrasso

Chapter 9   Enforcement Of Restrictive Covenants

Matthew S. Sackel

Chapter 10   Access To Property By Nonowner

Ross Stafford Burnaman

Chapter 11   Notice Of Lis Pendens

James H. Mccarty, Jr.

Chapter 12   Landlord And Tenant Disputes

Matthew R. Chait

Chapter 13   Statutory Private Property Rights Protection

Margaret L. Cooper, Ronald L. Weaver, and Joanne M. O’Connor

Chapter 14   Attorneys’ Fees In Real Property Litigation

Eric A. Jacobs