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Florida Practitioner's Guide - Civil Trial Preparation, 7th Edition

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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781630439996
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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781630440008
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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781630440008
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Florida Practitioner's Guide - Civil Trial Preparation Seventh Edition includes new user-friendly formatting, and addresses amended rules, revised statutes, and new case law, including the following:

•  amendments to the rules of judicial administration and rules of civil procedure regarding service of pleadings and documents; preservation and production of electronically stored information; requirements for offers of settlement and demands for judgment; and use of electronic devices in the courtroom;
•  revisions to Florida Statutes regarding expert opinion testimony under the Daubert standard; and
•  new case law addressing:
•  juror challenges for cause;
•  right to amend pleadings;
•  avoiding prejudice by separating causes of action;
•  sanctions for failure to attend case management conferences or for failure to comply with discovery orders;
•  timing and effect of dismissal for failure to prosecute;
•  effect of voluntary dismissal of action;
•  discovery of trade secrets, work product, financial worth, and postings on social networks;
•  appropriate timing for summary judgment motions;
•  disqualification of trial judges; and
•  attorneys'fees and retaining liens.

The edition is replete with valuable practice pointers.

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Table of Contents

Part One: Organization

I. Initial Activities

II. Proceed With Case Management Conference Or Pretrial Conference

III. Prepare For And Conduct Discovery

IV. Keep Abreast Of Case Developments

V. Set Case For Trial

VI. Proceed To Final Pretrial Conference

VII. Complete Final Preparation For Trial

VIII. Prepare For Jury Selection

Part Two: Motion Practice

I. Motion Basics

II. Defensive Motions

III. Motions To Structure Case

IV. General Trial Preparation Motions

V. Dispositive Motions

Part Three: Discovery

I. Overview Of Discovery

II. Devise Discovery Plan

III. Informal Discovery

IV. Interrogatories

V. Requests To Admit

VI. Request To Produce Or Inspect From Party

VII. Request To Produce Or Inspect From Nonparty

VIII. Request For Physical Or Mental Examination Or Report

IX. Oral Depositions

X. Resolution Of Discovery Issues

XI. Final Pretrial Disclosures

Part Four: Evidence

I. Overview

II. Introduction Of Formal Discovery Into Evidence

III. Introduction Of Nontestimonial Evidence

IV. Introduction Of "Live" Testimony Into Evidence

V. Response To Opposing Party's Evidence

VI. Prepare Trial Plan

Part Five: Settlement And Alternative Dispute Resolution

I. Introduction

II. Evaluation Of Case

III. Informal Settlement Negotiations

IV. Formal Offer Of Settlement Or Demand For Judgment

V. Mediation

VI. Arbitration