Florida Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Manual (Softcover)

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Florida Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Manual Softcover Edition is the definitive collection of Florida statutes used most frequently by law enforcement professionals. Inside you'll find complete coverage of crimes and criminal procedure, traffic offenses and motor vehicle regulation, alcoholic beverages and controlled substances, fish and wildlife, and many other areas of concern. Other features include:

• Listing of sections affected by the most recent legislation
• Legislative Summaries highlighting important changes to the law
• Florida Legal Guidelines
• Elements of criminal offenses
• Common Spanish and Haitian Creole phrases

This all-in-one handbook, available in a looseleaf binder, a softcover volume, or as an eBook, is relied on by officers throughout the state and provides the broad, authoritative coverage you need to address nearly any enforcement situation. Purchase Florida Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Manual today for your own desk or for every officer in your department and rely on the dependable, high-quality content law enforcement officers and lawyers expect from LexisNexis, the official print publisher for The Florida Bar.

Table of Contents


Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

Highlights of the Recent Florida Legislative Session

Legal Guidelines

Title IV. Executive Branch

Chapter 24. State Lotteries

Title V. Judicial Branch

Chapter 39. Proceedings Relating to Children

Title VI. Civil Practice and Procedure

Chapter 83. Landlord and Tenant

Title VII. Evidence

Chapter 90. Evidence Code

Chapter 92. Witnesses, Records, and Documents

Title X. Public Officers, Employers, and Records

Chapter 111. Public Officers: General Provisions

Chapter 112. Public Officers and Employees: General Provisions

Chapter 117. Notaries Public

Title XIV. Taxation and Finance

Chapter 207. Tax on Operation of Commercial Motor Vehicles

Chapter 210. Tax on Tobacco Products

Title XXIII. Motor Vehicles

Chapter 316. State Uniform Traffic Control

Chapter 317. Off-Highway Vehicle Titling

Chapter 318. Disposition of Traffic Infractions

Chapter 319. Title Certificates

Chapter 320. Motor Vehicle Licenses

Chapter 321. Highway Patrol

Chapter 322. Drivers' Licenses

Chapter 323. Wrecker Operators

Chapter 324. Financial Responsibility

Title XXIV. Vessels

Chapter 327. Vessel Safety

Chapter 328. Vessels: Title Certificates; Liens; Registration

Title XXV. Aviation

Chapter 329. Aircraft: Title; Registration; Liens

Chapter 330. Regulation of Aircraft, Pilots, and Airports

Title XXVI. Public Transportation

Chapter 337. Contracting: Acquisition, Disposal, and Use of Property

Chapter 339. Transportation Finance and Planning

Title XXVII. Railroads and Other Regulated Utilities

Chapter 365. Use of Telephones and Facsimile Machines

Title XXVIII. Natural Resources: Conservation, Reclamation, and Use

Chapter 379. Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Title XXIX. Public Health

Chapter 384. Sexually Transmissible Diseases

Chapter 386. Particular Conditions Affecting Public Health

Chapter 394. Mental Health

Chapter 397. Substance Abuse Services

Chapter 403. Environmental Control

Chapter 406. Medical Examiners; Disposition of Dead Bodies

Title XXX. Social Welfare

Chapter 415. Adult Protective Services

Title XXXII. Regulation of Professions and Occupations

Chapter 480. Massage Practice

Chapter 493. Private Investigative, Private Security, and Repossession Services

Title XXXIII. Regulation of Trade, Commerce, Investments, and Solicitations

Chapter 499. Drug, Cosmetic, and Household Products

Chapter 506. Stamped or Marked Containers and Baskets

Chapter 509. Lodging and Food Service Establishments; Membership Campgrounds

Chapter 513. Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Parks

Chapter 515. Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

Chapter 538. Secondhand Dealers and Secondary Metals Recyclers

Chapter 539. Pawnbroking

Chapter 550. Pari-Mutuel Wagering

Chapter 552. Manufacture, Distribution, and Use of Explosives

Chapter 556. Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety

Title XXXIV. Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Chapter 562. Beverage Law: Enforcement

Chapter 565. Liquor

Chapter 568. Intoxicating Liquors in Counties Where Prohibited

Chapter 569. Tobacco Products

Title XXXV. Agriculture, Horticulture, and Animal Industry

Chapter 588. Legal Fences and Livestock at Large

Chapter 603. Fruits and Vegetables

Title XXXVII. Insurance

Chapter 648. Bail Bond Agents and Runners

Title XL. Real and Personal Property

Chapter 705. Lost or Abandoned Property

Chapter 715. Property: General Provisions

Title XLIII. Domestic Relations

Chapter 741. Marriage; Domestic Violence

Title XLV. Torts

Chapter 767. Damage by Dogs

Title XLVI. Crimes

Chapter 775. Definitions; General Penalties; Registration of Criminals

Chapter 776. Justifiable Use of Force

Chapter 777. Principal; Accessory; Attempt; Solicitation; Conspiracy

Chapter 782. Homicide

Chapter 784. Assault; Battery; Culpable Negligence

Chapter 787. Kidnapping; False Imprisonment; Luring or Enticing a Child; Custody Offenses

Chapter 790. Weapons and Firearms

Chapter 791. Sale of Fireworks

Chapter 794. Sexual Battery

Chapter 796. Prostitution

Chapter 797. Abortion

Chapter 798. Adultery; Cohabitation

Chapter 800. Lewdness; Indecent Exposure

Chapter 806. Arson and Criminal Mischief

Chapter 810. Burglary and Trespass

Chapter 812. Theft, Robbery, and Related Crimes

Chapter 815. Computer-Related Crimes

Chapter 817. Fraudulent Practices

Chapter 818. Sale of Mortgaged Personal Property; Similar Offenses

Chapter 823. Public Nuisances

Chapter 825. Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Elderly Persons and Disabled Adults

Chapter 826. Bigamy; Incest

Chapter 827. Abuse of Children

Chapter 828. Animals: Cruelty; Sales; Animal Enterprise Protection

Chapter 831. Forgery and Counterfeiting

Chapter 832. Violations Involving Checks and Drafts

Chapter 836. Defamation; Libel; Threatening Letters and Similar Offenses

Chapter 837. Perjury

Chapter 838. Bribery; Misuse of Public Office

Chapter 839. Offenses by Public Officers and Employees

Chapter 843. Obstructing Justice

Chapter 847. Obscenity

Chapter 849. Gambling

Chapter 856. Drunkenness; Open House Parties; Loitering; Prowling; Desertion

Chapter 859. Poisons; Adulterated Drugs

Chapter 860. Offenses Concerning Aircraft, Motor Vehicles, Vessels, and Railroads

Chapter 861. Offenses Related to Public Roads, Transport, and Waters

Chapter 865. Violations of Certain Commercial Restrictions

Chapter 870. Affrays; Riots; Routs; Unlawful Assemblies

Chapter 871. Disturbing Religious and Other Assemblies

Chapter 872. Offenses Concerning Dead Bodies and Graves

Chapter 873. Sale of Anatomical Matter

Chapter 874. Criminal Gang Enforcement and Prevention

Chapter 876. Criminal Anarchy, Treason, and Other Crimes Against Public Order

Chapter 877. Miscellaneous Crimes

Chapter 893. Drug Abuse Prevention and Control

Chapter 895. Offenses Concerning Racketeering and Illegal Debts

Chapter 896. Offenses Related to Financial Transactions

Title XLVII. Criminal Procedure and Corrections

Chapter 901. Arrests

Chapter 903. Bail

Chapter 907. Procedure After Arrest

Chapter 914. Witnesses; Criminal Proceedings

Chapter 916. Mentally Deficient and Mentally Ill Defendants

Chapter 918. Conduct of Trial

Chapter 923. Form of Indictment and Other Forms

Chapter 932. Provisions Supplemental to Criminal Procedure Law

Chapter 933. Search and Inspection Warrants

Chapter 934. Security of Communications

Chapter 937. Missing Person Investigations

Chapter 941. Corrections: Interstate Cooperation

Chapter 943. Department of Law Enforcement

Chapter 944. State Correctional System

Chapter 951. County and Municipal Prisoners

Chapter 960. Victim Assistance

Chapter 984. Children and Families in Need of Services

Chapter 985. Juvenile Justice; Interstate Compact on Juveniles

Title XLVIII. K-20 Education Code

Chapter 1003. Public K-12 Education

Chapter 1006. Support for Learning

Chapter 1012. Personnel

Chapter 1013. Educational Facilities

Florida Court Rules

Rules of Criminal Procedure

II. General Provisions

III. Preliminary Proceedings

XIV. Sentence

XVII. Postconviction Relief

XVIII. Forms

Rules of Traffic Court

II. General Provisions

III. Criminal Offenses

IV. Traffic Infractions

Appendix A. Spanish Phrases

Appendix B. Haitian Creole Phrases

User's Guide to the Index