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Florida Administrative Practice, Eleventh Edition

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Print Book :Hardbound, 890 pages
11th Edition
ISBN: 9781630437213
Release Date: TBC
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Florida Administrative Practice, Eleventh Edition is the only practice manual to provide an in-depth discussion of the procedural aspects of administrative litigation. The Administrative Procedure Act is a dynamic area of the law, and the new Eleventh Edition brings you up-to-date with the most recent statutory changes, including discussion of:

  • New discussion regarding
    • DOAH’s centralized electronic database
    • 2016 amendments to F.S. 120.57
    • Authority to reconsider and vacate prior final order in disciplinary proceedings
    • Judicial Review
  • Revised statutes and rules
  • New case law

In addition, the manual explores other areas of substantive law where administrative procedures predominate, including environmental and land use law and certificates of need determinations. With extensive case law and statute references, as well as an appendix featuring the full text of the APA with tracing and conversion tables, this reference will be a valuable addition to the library of experienced administrative law practitioners and those needing a trustworthy guide through this complex area of law.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


1.  The Administrative Process And Constitutional Principles
Stephen C. Emmanuel

2.  Overview Of The Administrative Procedure Act
Hon. Cathy M. Sellers

3.  Rule Adoption And Review
Francine M. Ffolkes

4.  Administrative Adjudication
S. Brent Spain and Gregg Riley Morton

5.  Proceedings In Which There Are No Disputed Issues Of Material Fact
M. Christopher Bryant and Preston McLane

6.  Professional And Occupational Licensing
Edwin A. Bayó and John J. Rimes

7.  Florida Health Care Facility And Clinic Regulation
Seann M. Frazier and Craig H. Smith

8.  Environmental Agencies
Ralph A. DeMeo, Susan L. Stephens, Winston K. Borkowski,
Vinette D. Godelia, Douglas M. Smith, and Erin J. Coburn

9.  Department Of Revenue
Mark E. Holcomb

10.  Public Service Commission
Theresa Lee Eng Tan and Adam J. Teitzman

11.  Bid Dispute Resolution
Eduardo S. Lombard

12.  Judicial Review
Stephen C. Emmanuel

13.  Attorneys' Fees And Cost Awards
Cynthia S. Tunnicliff and Brian A. Newman

      Florida Administrative Code Chapters 28-101–28-110
      Florida Statutes, Chapter 120
      Conversion Charts
      1996 APA To 1995 APA
      1995 APA To 1996 APA