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Evidence in Florida, Tenth Edition

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10th Edition
ISBN: 9781632816245
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10th Edition
ISBN: 9781632816252
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10th Edition
ISBN: 9781632816252
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Evidence in Florida offers a practical, contemporary approach to the law of evidence. Experienced practitioners, judges, and law professors share their expertise in all aspects of the gathering and presentation of evidence in Florida courts. The updated and expanded Tenth Edition includes:

•  Updated statutes, rules, and case law.
•  Discussion of the recently adopted Daubert Standard as it relates to expert witness testimony.
•  Recorded Recollections and the Florida Supreme Court's recent rejection of the "totality of the circumstances approach" as it relates to F.S. 90.803(5).
•  Discussion of Florida's recently adopted Standard Jury Instructions - Business and Contract Cases, as it relates to the parol evidence rule.
•  Discussion of Fla.R.Civ.P. 1.451 and the taking of evidence by communication equipment.

Discussion of hot topics including:

•  Journalist or Reporter Privilege under F.S. 90.5015;
•  Admission of DNA lab reports, witness unavailability, and the Confrontation Clause.
•  Adoptive admissions and possession of a written document carried for purposes of identification.
•  Former testimony and the definition of "predecessor in interest" under F.S. 90.804(2)(a).
•  Limitations placed on a prosecutor's reenactments or demonstrations during closing argument.
•  Judicial notice of electronic evidence.
•  Authentication and social media.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Michael R. Cavendish

2. Judicial Notice; Presumptions; Burden Of Proof

John K. Londot

3. Relevancy

Alexander G. Moody

4. Privileges

Michael R. Cavendish

5. Witnesses

Michael H. Moody

6. Impeachment

William E. Adams, Jr.

7. Opinion And Expert Testimony

Jeannine Smith Williams

8. Hearsay Rule

Mark M. Dobson

9. Hearsay Exceptions

Mark M. Dobson

10. Real And Demonstrative Evidence

Corinne C. Hodak

11. Best Evidence Rule

Sheila D. Norman

12. Parol Evidence Rule

Michael R. Cavendish

13. Florida Trial Objections

Robert Michael Eschenfelder

14. Evidentiary Trial Issues

Roy E. Fitzgerald

15. Electronic Evidence

Ralph Artigliere and William F. Hamilton

Appendix: F.S. Chapter 90, Florida Evidence Code