Encyclopedia of New Jersey Causes of Action

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ISBN: 9781628811889
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Now issued as an annual paperback, Encyclopedia of New Jersey Causes of Action, is a quick desk reference to unfamiliar subjects and a starting point for analysis of any new matter. The paperback also includes a searchable e-book. There is nothing like it presently available to NJ practitioners.

For more than a decade New Jersey attorneys have consulted the Encyclopedia of New Jersey Causes of Action to evaluate all possible theories of recovery for fact patterns their clients present. The essential elements of more than 650 causes of action are laid out and traced to the leading case or statutory section. An electronic version of the book is included with your order, with hyperlinks for ease of research. The book makes drafting a complaint or answer a breeze and focuses the needed proofs for trial. It also has an extensive compendium of the requisites for recovering attorney's fees.

This is a welcome resource for firms without an extensive library. The author read all published state court decisions from 1947 through the present and all chapters of the state code to compile the essential elements and leading causes for all theories of recovery.

Each cause of action is listed alphabetically with an extensive words-and-phrase index to guide the reader.