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Education Law Reporter

Publisher: LexisNexis
Frequency: (13 issues)

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ISBN: 9781422410721
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Full-text opinions related to schools and education, updated monthly and with quarterly indexes, from the following sources: US Supreme Court (from 1990) US Circuit Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (from 1990) US District Court for the District of Montana (from 1989) Montana Supreme Court Opinions (from 1868), Noncites and Orders (from 1993) Montana District Court Opinions (from 1990) Workers' Compensation Court Opinions (from 1986) Attorney General Opinions (from 1957) Office of Public Instruction Decisions Department of Labor and Industry (Hearings Bureau, Human Rights Commission, Board of Personnel Appeals, Labor Standards Bureau/Wage & Hour Unit) Edlaw is the perfect way to keep current on matters affecting teachers, schools, students, and taxes.

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