E-Commerce: Financial Products and Services

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ISBN: 9781588520999
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The rapid growth of the Internet has transformed the way we buy and sell goods and services. It has also made many long-standing laws and regulations obsolete and given rise to new ones. E-Commerce: Financial Products and Services offers complete practical guidance on how to conduct financial services within this changing legal framework.

You'll find detailed discussion of such topics as: risks in Web marketing and e-commerce; electronic contracts; jurisdiction issues; financial privacy and data protection; the changing approach to software patents; acquiring IT hardware, software and services; Internet-based banking products such as "stored value" payment mechanisms; methods of payment in e-commerce; online securities brokerage; bringing the insurance industry to the Internet; and more.

For attorneys who advise banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, IT service providers and those charged by their companies with initiating Web-based delivery of financial products, E-Commerce: Financial Products and Services will prove an extremely helpful starting point and reference for handling any issue.

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Table of Contents


The "Basics" of E-Commerce

Chapter 1

Marketing and Advertising in E-Commerce

Chapter 2

Contract Formation in E-Commerce

Chapter 3

Jurisdiction and Choice of Law in E-Commerce

Chapter 4

Data Protection and Privacy in E-Commerce

Chapter 5

Protecting Intellectual Property in E-Commerce: Software Patents

Chapter 6

Acquiring the Information Technology for Electronic Commerce


The "Specifics" Of E-Commerce

Chapter 7

E-Commerce Activities of Financial Institutions Including the Delivery of Loan, Deposit and Stored Value Products to Consumers

Chapter 8

E-Commerce and Payment Systems

Chapter 9

E-Commerce in Securities Brokerage and Investment Advice

Chapter 10

E-Commerce in Insurance