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Delaware Corporation Laws Annotated

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2016-2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522125556
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2016-2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522125136
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2016-2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522125136
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b>Delaware Corporation Laws Annotated lets you find more of what you need for less. A single-volume reference of essential statutes from the Delaware Code, the manual covers business, professional and non-profit corporations; partnerships; limited liability companies; and the Uniform Arbitration Act. Our staff of lawyer-editors has brought the statutes up to date so that you can proceed with confidence. Included are the following:

•  Schedule of Tax and Miscellaneous Fees
•  Table of Sections Affected
•  General Corporation Law
•  Corporation Franchise Tax
•  Professional Service Corporations
•  Secured Transactions
•  Workers Cooperative Act
•  Revised Uniform Partnership Act
•  Limited Partnerships
•  Limited Liability Company Act
•  Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act
•  Uniform Arbitration Act
•  Treatment of Delaware Statutory Trusts
•  Secretary of State
•  Corporation Income Tax
•  And More!

The included CD-Rom allows you to cut, print and save this material with ease. Hypertext linking and powerful search features of the CD-Rom enhance your browsing and research capabilities.

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Table of Contents


Schedule of Taxes and Miscellaneous Fees

Sections Affected Table

Title 8. Corporations

Chapter 1. General Corporation Law, §§ 101 to 398

Chapter 5. Corporation Franchise Tax, §§ 501 to 518

Chapter 6. Professional Service Corporations, §§ 601 to 619

Related Statutes

Title 6. Commerce and Trade

Article 9. Secured Transactions, §§ 9-501 to 9-526

Chapter 14. Delaware Workers Cooperative Act, §§ 1401 to 1414

Chapter 15. Delaware Revised Uniform Partnership Act, §§ 15-101 to 15-1210

Chapter 17. Limited Partnerships, §§ 17-101 to 17-1111

Chapter 18. Limited Liability Company Act, §§ 18-101 to 18-1109

Chapter 19. Delaware Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, §§ 1901 to 1916

Title 9. Counties

Chapter 96. Recorders, §§ 9605, 9607, 9624 to 9627

Title 10. Courts and Judicial Procedure

Chapter 57. Uniform Arbitration Act, §§ 5701 to 5725

Title 12. Decedents' Estates and Fiduciary Relations

Chapter 38. Treatment of Delaware Statutory Trusts, §§ 3801 to 3863

Title 29. State Government

Chapter 23. Secretary of State, § 2319

Title 30. State Taxes

Chapter 19. Corporation Income Tax, §§ 1901 to 1918

Appendix A. Corporations

Appendix B. Limited Partnerships

Appendix C. Statutory Trusts

Appendix D. Limited Liability Companies

Appendix E. Limited Liability Partnerships

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