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2016 Edition
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CSC® Publishing brings you The Directors’ Handbook, one of today’s leading guides to corporate governance, captures the latest developments that directors of public companies face from both a practical and legal perspective. The Handbook provides insightful analysis of the evolving regulatory and legal landscape, and practical, hands-on information that directors can use to guide their companies.

The 2016 Edition of The Directors’ Handbook includes insight on how to best address the full spectrum of key governance and disclosure issues, and how to handle shareholder activist campaigns and proxy battles. Complete coverage includes:

• Creating an audit committee chart
• Crisis management
• Director and officer insurance
• Majority voting for directors
• The interplay of stock exchange independence rules and state law standards
• The evolving role of proxy advisory groups
• The role of the corporate secretary
• Staggered board repeals
• Best practices for handling restatement crises
• The political economy of corporations and corporate governance approaches around the role of the corporate secretary

The companion CD-ROM provides key cases and legislation that form the basis for corporate governance in the U.S and abroad. In This Edition:

• In an all new Foreword, author Thomas J. Dougherty explores the impact of mutual funds, judicial erosion of the pre-suit demand requirement in derivative suits, disclosure statements, and the SEC Whistleblower protocols.
• Advisory firm recommendations on executive compensation, and how those recommendations impact shareholder votes
• How the M&A process differs under UK rules, and how the rules can impact US companies
• Recent court decisions impacting directors’ Revlon duty
• Other updates throughout the book ensure directors are working with the most current information
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Table of Contents

Foreword: Foreword: No Director Left Behind


1.   The Role of the Director

2.   Corporate Governance

3.   Director Due Diligence

4.   Crisis Management

5.   Compensation

6.   Litigation

7.   Director and Officer Insurance and Indemnification

8.   The Political Economy of Corporations

9.   Board Minutes and Directors' Notes

10.  The Changing Legal Landscape: Mickey Mouse and the Cats around the Fishbowl

11.  Corporate Secretarial Practice








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Other Reference Materials
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Links to The Combined Code from the UK

Links to The NYSE Requirements for Corporate Governance

Sources for Corporate Governance Abroad

International Corporate Governance Codes

Sources for Board Minutes and Directors' Notes

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