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Cross-Examination Skills for Law Students

Publisher: LexisNexis

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Print Book :1 volume, softbound
ISBN: 9781422455463
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Renowned cross examination experts Larry Pozner & Roger Dodd have teamed up once again, this time to bring their expertise on cross examination to law students. Cross-Examination Skills for Law Students is a resource for law students looking to learn the basic skills that necessary to become a skilled cross-examiner. Included are:

•  The Only Three Rules of Cross-Examination
•  Developing a Theory of the Case
•  Page Preparation
•  The relationship of Opening Statement to Cross Examination
•  Coping with Objections

Practitioners will want to own Cross-Examination: Science & Techniques, Pozner & Dodd's groundbreaking treatise for attorneys.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Philosophy and Overview of the Science of Cross-Examination

Chapter 2: Developing a Theory of the Case

Chapter 3: Cross-Examination Preparation: Topic Charts

Chapter 4: The Only Three Rules of Cross-Examination

Chapter 5: The Chapter Method of Cross-Examination

Chapter 6: Page Preparation of Cross-Examination

Chapter 7: The Relationship of Opening Statements to Cross-Examination

Chapter 8: Seven Steps of Impeachment by Inconsistent Statement

Chapter 9: Controlling the Runaway Witness

Chapter 10: Loops, Double Loops, and Spontaneous Loops

Chapter 11: Cross-Examination Without Discovery

Chapter 12: Coping with Objections

Chapter 13: Pre-Trial Application: Use at Depositions and Pre-Trial Hearings

Chapter 14: How to Master the Techniques Without Trial Experience