Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques

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2nd Edition w/ 2012 Cum Supp
ISBN: 0006659861801
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The latest supplement to the seminal work on cross-examination delves into the role of constructive cross-examination. Constructive cross-examination builds the cross-examiners own theory of the case through cross-examination testimony of the opponent's witnesses. Continue to use techniques learned in Cross-Examination: Science & Techniques -- and use opposing witnesses to a much greater extent. Constructive cross keeps the witness comfortable and in the affirmation -- and brings out relevant facts from their witnesses to get your story to the jury in the strongest light possible.

The 2012 Cumulative Supplement now includes an exciting new chapter:

Value-Based Cross-Examination:

•  Support your cross by damaging the credibility of the witness.
•  Establish a value that the witness with subscribe to.
•  Expose witness conduct that is inconsistent with those values.

Also included is the 2010 Cumulative Supplement:

•  Use their witnesses to advance your theory of the case
•  Works even on hostile witnesses
•  Show jurors the important facts using cross

Also includes three chapters not previously included in the book.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 34 Preparing a Witness for Cross-Examination

Chapter 35 The Relationship of Closing Argument to Cross-Examination

Chapter 36 Constructive Cross-Examination

Chapter 37 Value-Based Cross-Examination