Criminal Evidence for Law Enforcement Officers, 5th Edition

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Print Book :Softcover; 514 pages
ISBN: 9781422403501
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Criminal justice practitioners, law enforcement officials, college professors, and students will find this textbook critical to understanding the basic principles, rules, and constitutional provisions regulating admission of evidence in criminal courts. This book's straightforward style gives the reader access to the fundamental concepts that comprise the Law of Evidence. Clearly defined topics along with concise explanations are further developed through the presentation of relevant case law and a unique question-and-answer approach. Subjects covered include Forms of Evidence, Preservation of Evidence, Witnesses, Proof, and Privileges. Also, the 5th Edition features new material focusing on Hearsay and Criminal Cases, and Circumstantial Evidence. The complete and unannotated Federal Rules of Evidence are included as well.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Law of Evidence and the Adversary System

Chapter 2: The Forms of Evidence

Chapter 3: Preservation of / Access to Evidence

Chapter 4: Witnesses: Exploring Testimonial and Documentary Evidence

Chapter 5: Eyewitness Identification Evidence

Chapter 6: Proof in Criminal Cases

Chapter 7: Alternatives to Formal Proof

Chapter 8: Privileges

Federal Rules of Evidence