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Credit and Debit Cards: Compliance, Operations, and Risk

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ISBN: 9780769886015
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Sheshunoff®'s Credit and Debit Cards: Compliance, Operations, and Risk manual is designed to help financial institutions stay in compliance with credit card rules and regulations, manage transactions and agreements, prevent card-based fraud, and understand the liability of all parties involved. This comprehensive manual covers:

•  Fraud and money laundering detection and deterrence
•  Disclosure requirements and consumer liability
•  Privacy Rules
•  Abusive credit card practices
•  VISA and MasterCard rules

Card-based products offer the institution’s customers a valuable service and provide the institution with a valuable source of revenue, but they also present a number of serious risks, including:

•  Litigation involving illegal and abusive credit practices
•  Regulatory action resulting from compliance violations, inadequate disclosures, and abusive collections practices
•  Harm to the institution’s reputation due from highly publicized consumer complaints
•  Fraud and security breaches that jeopardize customer data, privacy, and accounts, and expose consumers to identity theft
•  Huge financial losses resulting from fraud and security breaches and resulting litigation

Table of Contents

Summary Table of Contents 
Chapter 1 Introduction to Bank Cards and Payment Systems

Chapter 2 Credit Card Regulations and Rules

Chapter 3 Regulation II: Debit Card Interchange Fees and Routing

Chapter 4 Customer Identification Program Requirements

Chapter 5 Identity Theft, Verification, and Authentication

Chapter 6 Privacy Rule

Chapter 7 Regulation E

Chapter 8 Credit Cards and Money Laundering

Chapter 9 Credit Card Fraud

Chapter 10 ATM and Debit Card Fraud

Chapter 11 Risk Management of Debit and Credit Card Products

Chapter 12 Risk Assessment Checklists