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ISBN: 9780820517179
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An encyclopedia of toxicological substances and side effects; and an authoritative medico-legal treatise on using complex toxicology findings in the courtroom.

•  Toxico-legal analyses of individual chemicals/drugs
•  Chemical accidents/disasters with multiple claimants/plaintiffs
•  Information on commercial and household chemicals
•  The concepts and operations of the toxicological lab
•  Discussion of all types of toxicological tests
•  Quick reference tables for common toxins, their signs, symptoms and antidotes
•  Courtroom guides for questioning
•  Sample testimony
•  Alphabetical listing of toxico-legal analysis of individual chemicals and drugs
•  Illustrative case histories
•  Current literature on FDA-approved or withdrawn drugs and chemicals

First published in 1981.

8 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated two times a year with revisions and supplements.

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Table of Contents


Part 1 Toxico-Legal Orientation: Prologue

Part 2 Chemical Accidents/Disasters

Part 3 The Toxicology Laboratory

Part 4 Toxicological Methodology

Part 5 Medical Considerations

Part 6 Courtroom Guides

Toxico-Legal Analysis Of Individual Chemicals/Drugs--Alphabetical Listing

Toxico-Legal Checklists