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Connecticut Foreclosures (Print+Online+eBook)

Publisher: ALM

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ISBN: 9781628810356
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Connecticut Foreclosures covers every aspect of Foreclosure Law in Connecticut, from Preliminary Considerations to Defenses and Appeals. The book has been cited by judges in over 200 decisions.

The new, completely revamped sixth edition of Connecticut Foreclosure Law incorporates the wealth of new case law and legislative changes that have occurred since the last edition. It will be released annually in paperback and eBook.

What’s New?

•  Two new chapters cover: Foreclosures in Federal Court, and Foreclosures by Market Sale

•  Completely updated and revised index and case table (case table is organized by BOTH plaintiff and defendant names)

•  The book includes a revised, updated CD with over 100 forms and sample documents, including official and unofficial court forms, uniform standing order, and IRS forms.

Connecticut Foreclosures is the most authoritative treatise on the subject and issued by a vast number of judges and attorneys practicing in the area of foreclosures. Written by Denis Caron, long recognized as the leading authority on foreclosures in Connecticut, in collaboration with Geoffrey Milne, this new volume replaces all earlier editions, and includes updated information throughout.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preliminary Considerations

Chapter 2 Standing Orders

Chapter 3 Foreclosure Attorneys as Debt Collectors: Impact of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

Chapter 4 Jurisdiction and Venue

Chapter 5 Commencement of Suit

Chapter 6 Motions, The Hearing on Judgment, the Judgment File and the Bill of Costs

Chapter 7 The Committee

Chapter 8 Representing the Purchaser

Chapter 9 Determination of Priorities and the Supplemental Judgment

Chapter 10 Post-Judgment Proceedings

Chapter 11 The Receiver for Rents

Chapter 12 Federal Liens

Chapter 13 Condominium Association Liens

Chapter 14 Foreclosing Special Declarant Rights

Chapter 15 Mechanics Liens

Chapter 16 Judgment Liens

Chapter 17 Protection From Foreclosure for Unemployed Persons

Chapter 18 Federal Foreclosure Relief Programs

Chapter 19 Foreclosing Blanket Mortgages

Chapter 20 Appeals

Chapter 21 Standards of Title Relating to Foreclosures

Chapter 22 Lingering Problems

Chapter 23 Bankruptcy

Chapter 24 Bankruptcy Litigation

Chapter 25 Voidability of Foreclosure Titles in Connecticut After BFP v. Resolution Trust Corp.

Chapter 26 Connecticut Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure: Lender Concerns and Title Issues

Chapter 27 Foreclosures Involving Failed Financial Institutions

Chapter 28 Omitted Parties in Foreclosures: A Proposal for Legislative Action

Chapter 29 Tax Collector Sales

Chapter 30 Secondary Mortgage Market

Chapter 31 Truth in Lending and Foreclosures

Chapter 32 Defenses to Foreclosure

Chapter 33 Mortgage Fraud

Chapter 34 The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Chapter 35 Mobile Manufactured Homes