Connecticut Appellate Practice & Procedure

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ISBN: 9781628811827
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Authors Colin C. Tait, Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut School of Law along with Judge Eliot D. Prescott teamed up to create the Connecticut Appellate Practice and Procedure, 3rd Edition.

In 1996 the Connecticut appellate courts extensively reviewed all appellate rules and adopted major revisions. This third edition integrates and updates all significant changes in statutes, case law, rules and procedure since that time.

The book is 420+ pages and includes ten chapters with a detailed Table of Contents as well as a comprehensive Index and Table of Cases at the back of the book referenced by section number.

Updated bi-annually, this legal treatise is used by seasoned appellate litigators as well as those about to handle their first appeal in Connecticut state appellate courts.

NEW! For This Year's All New 4th Edition!

The Fourth Edition integrates the 2012 Supplement, and updates all significant developments in Connecticut appellate practice and procedure since 2000.

The book has been streamlined, and a new index has been added. This title also includes six tables of authority, including cases, statutes and practice book sections.