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Common Diagnostic Procedures: Orthopedics and Neurology

Publisher: Matthew Bender
Frequency: (1 issues)

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ISBN: 9780820510392
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This one-volume deskbook of medical tests and findings helps you successfully present evidence of injury for settlement or trial.

Each test-specific chapter presents easy-to-understand coverage of the diagnostic procedures you're researching. Detailed descriptions and in-depth discussion allows you to answer the following questions for each test:

•  Why and when is this test indicated?
•  How should this test be properly performed?
•  How are the findings interpreted?
•  How are the results confirmed?
•  What potential injuries can result from this test?
•  What possible errors can occur when performing or interpreting this test?

Among the many features you'll find throughout this indispensable volume are:

•  Detailed illustrations
•  A handy scope box for every chapter
•  Chapter-by-chapter bibliographies
•  A useful glossary of terms
•  Defining difficult medico-legal terminology

Published in 1993. Looseleaf; updated annually with revisions and supplements.

Various author contributors.

The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Arterial Pulses

Ch. 2 Arthroscopy

Ch. 2A Bone Scans

Ch. 2B Brain Scans, PET and SPECT

Ch. 3 Brudzinski Test

Ch. 4 Cerebrospinal Fluid Testing

Ch. 5 Cineradiography

Ch. 5A Collateral Ligament Tests

Ch. 6 Compression Tests

Ch. 7 Computed Tomography

Ch. 8 Cranial Nerve Tests

Ch. 8A Cruciate Ligament Tests

Ch. 9 Discography

Ch. 9A Elbow Tests: Fractures in Adults

Ch. 9B Elbow Tests: Lateral Epicondylitis

Ch. 9C Elbow Tests: Medial Epicondylitis

Ch. 10 Electroencephalography

Ch. 11 Electromyography

Ch. 11A Imaging Studies of the Cervical Spine

Ch. 12 Joint Aspiration

Ch. 13 Kernig's Test

Ch. 13A Leg Tests: Leg-Length Disparity

Ch. 14 Leg-Raising Tests

Ch. 15 Loss of Cervical Lordosis

Ch. 15A Loss of Lumbar Lordosis

Ch. 15B Lumbosacral Tests: Bowstring Test

Ch. 15C Lumbosacral Tests: Ely's Test

Ch. 15D Lumbosacral Tests: Gaenslen's Test

Ch. 15E Lumbosacral Tests: Hyperextension Test for the Lumbosacral Joint

Ch. 15F Lumbosacral Tests: Hyperextension Tests for the Sacroiliac Joint

Ch. 15G Lumbosacral Tests: Jackknife Test

Ch. 15H Lyme Disease Tests

Ch. 16 Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ch. 17 Mensuration Tests (Physical Measurements)

Ch. 18 Muscle Testing

Ch. 18A Muscular Dystrophy Tests

Ch. 19 Myelography

Ch. 19A Neck Tests: Compression Tests

Ch. 19B Neck Tests: Distraction Test

Ch. 19C Neck Tests: Palpation Test

Ch. 19D Neck Tests: Soft Tissue Whiplash Injury

Ch. 20 Needle Biopsy

Ch. 20A Nerve Lesion Tests

Ch. 21 Nerve Tests at the Wrist

Ch. 21A The Neurological Examination

Ch. 22 Ophthalmoscopic Examination

Ch. 23 Palpation Tests

Ch. 24 Range of Motion Tests

Ch. 25 Reflex Tests

Ch. 25A The Rinne and Weber Tests

Ch. 25B Rotator Cuff Tests

Ch. 26 Sensory Testing

Ch. 26A Tests of the Hip: Flexion Contracture

Ch. 26B Tests for Myofascial and Fibromyalgia Syndromes

Ch. 27 Thermography