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Collier Guide to Chapter 11: Key Topics and Selected Industries

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ISBN: 9781422478523
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ISBN: 9781579111120
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The Collier Guide to Chapter 11 is a one-volume looseleaf publication that takes an in-depth look at the key topics involved in current chapter 11 practice and considers in detail the bankruptcy landscape in selected industries.

Written by over 20 bankruptcy lawyers from leading firms, this new publication fills the gap between the Code-based coverage of Collier of Bankruptcy and the more general topical approach of the Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide. Inside you'll find:

• Overview of Chapter 11 (Chapter 1)
• [Reserved] (Chapter 2)
• § 363 asset sales and the use of Chapter 11 as a liquidation tool (Chapters 3 and 4)
• Prepackaged bankruptcy cases (Chapter 5)
• Key employee benefits issues in a 363 sale (Chapter 6)
• Federal income taxation issues (Chapter 7)
• Environmental issues in bankruptcy (Chapter 9)
• Intellectual property in bankruptcy (Chapter 10)
• Cross-border insolvencies (Chapter 11)
• Labor and employment issues (Chapter 12)
• Securities law issues (Chapter 14)
• Class action issues (Chapter 15)
• Fraudulent transfer action claims against the FDIC in bank holding company cases (Chapter 26)

You'll also find key coverage of selected industries, including:

• Retail (Chapter 20)
• Real estate (Chapter 21)
• Hospitals and health care (Chapter 22)
• Automotive suppliers and customers (Chapter 23)
• Airlines (Chapter 24)
• Casinos (Chapter 25)
• Professional sports franchises (Chapter 28)

Where appropriate, relevant practice aids have been included, such as sample forms and checklists, and the loose-leaf format allows new topics and industries to be added as chapter 11 practice evolves.

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Part I:   Key Chapter 11 Topics

Chapter 1  Overview of Chapter 11

Chapter 2  [Reserved]

Chapter 3  Sales of Assets Under Section 363

Chapter 4  Chapter 11 as a Liquidation Tool: Legal, Tactical and Practical Considerations for Debtors, Lenders and Buyers

Chapter 5  Prepackaged Bankruptcy Cases

Chapter 6  Treatment of Benefits and Compensation Arrangements in Bankruptcy and Key Employee Benefits Issues in a Sale of Assets Under Section 363

Chapter 7  Federal Income Tax Issues

Chapter 8  [Reserved]

Chapter 9  Environmental issues in bankruptcy

Chapter 10  Intellectual Property in Bankruptcy

Chapter 11  Chapter 15 Law and Practice

Chapter 12 Labor and employment issues

Chapters 13 [Reserved]

Chapter 14 Securities Law Issues Affecting Chapter 11 Reorganization

Chapter 15 Class action issues

Part II:   Selected Industries

Chapter 20  Issues Affecting Reorganizations in the Retail Area

Chapter 21  Real Estate Bankruptcy

Chapter 22  Treatment of Hospitals and Health Care Businesses in Chapter 11

Chapter 23  Treatment of Automotive Suppliers and Customers in Chapter 11 Cases

Chapter 24  Special Issues in Airline Industry Reorganizations

Chapter 25  Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases Involving Casino Businesses

Chapter 26  Fraudulent Transfer Action Claims Against the FDIC in Bank Holding Company Cases

Chapter 28 Professional sports franchises