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Chisum on Patents

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Print Book :53 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 5 times per year
ISBN: 9780820515250
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Every legal detail you need to secure and protect a patent claim.

Donald S. Chisum's 53-volume masterwork gives you authoritative analysis of all issues pertaining to patent law, including doctrines, rules and case law relating to patentability, validity and infringement. Whether you're applying for a patent, appealing a patent application denial or litigating patent infringement, Chisum on Patents puts authority on your side. Chisum on Patents is also the most cited treatise in patent law today - cited more than 1000 times by the U.S. federal courts and twice as much as the nearest competitor since it was released in October 1978.

Chisum on Patents now includes analysis of the America Invents Act of 2011 and provides cross-references to related sections/chapters within the treaty for quick and easy research. One-stop research saves you time and money and gives you the information you need to answer questions on every topic in patent law:

• What constitutes a patentable invention
• Fundamental requirements of patentability -- originality, novelty, utility and nonobviousness
• Perfecting rights to a patentable invention
• Rules regarding disclosure and submitting claims
• Double patenting
• Rules in priority of invention
• Patent application process -- from filing through examination and appeals
• Restriction requirements and divisional applications
• Continuation applications
• Requirements for obtaining the benefit of a prior patent filing in a foreign country
• Applications for reissue
• Substantive aspects of infringement Chisum on Patents also helps you draft patent claims quickly and confidently, and saves you time with over 300 pages of guidance on how best to draft patent claims -- including a detailed explanation of patent claim interpretation. Updated five times a year, no other treatise on patent law keeps you as current. Chisum on Patents provides clarifying analysis of the most important recent decisions and how they may affect your claims, with abstracts of all published decisions of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in a topically arranged outline.

"For over 25 years, I have relied on Prof. Chisum's treatise as THE essential tool for answering every conceivable patent law question. I have been repeatedly amazed by both the range and the depth of the subject matter contained in his work. No matter how arcane the patent law question, Prof. Chisum provides the answer. Frankly, could not do my job without the benefit of his books, both the main volumes and his amazing Federal Circuit Guide."

-- Jill D. Singer, Hovey Williams, LLP

Also available in CD-ROM and online

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Part I. Treatise on the Law of Patentability, Validity and Infringement

Glossary of Patent Terms

Overview: Historical Development of Patent Law

America Invents Act of 2011: Analysis and Cross-References

Chapter 1 Eligible Subject Matter

Chapter 2 Originality

Chapter 3 Novelty

Chapter 4 Utility

Chapter 5 Nonobviousness

Chapter 6 Statutory Bars

Chapter 7 Adequate Disclosure

Chapter 8 Claims

Chapter 9 Double Patenting

Chapter 10 Priority

Chapter 11 Patent and Trademark Office Procedures

Chapter 12 Restriction

Chapter 13 Continuation Applications

Chapter 14 Priority by Foreign Filing

Chapter 15 Reissue

Chapter 16 Direct Infringement

Chapter 17 Contributory Infringement

Chapter 18 Interpretation and Application of Claims -- Doctrine of Equivalents -- Prosecution History Estoppel

Chapter 19 Defenses

Chapter 20 Remedies

Chapter 21 Jurisdiction and Procedure in Patent Litigation

Chapter 22 Ownership and Transfer

Chapter 23 Design Patents

Chapter 24 Plant Protection


Part II. Appendices and Bibliography

Appendix 1 The Patent-Copyright Clause, United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8

Appendix 2 The Patent Act, Title 35 United States Code

Appendix 2A The Plant Variety Protection Act

Appendix 3 International Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (The Paris Convention)

Appendix 4 The Patent Cooperation Treaty (1986)

Appendix 5 Regulations Under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (in force 1986, amended 1994)

Appendix 6 [Reserved]

Appendix 7 Patent and Trademark Office, Rule of Practice in Patent Cases

Appendix 8 English Statute of Monopolies of 1623, 21 Jac. 1, c.3--The Original Source of the Anglo-American Patent Law

Appendix 9 Patent Act of 1790, Ch. 7, 1 Stat. 109-112 (April 10, 1790)--The First United States Patent Statute

Appendix 10 Patent Act of 1793, Ch. 11, 1 Stat. 318-323 (February 21, 1793)

Appendix 11 Patent Act of 1836, Ch. 37, 5 Stat. 117-125 (July 4, 1836)--The Act Creating the Patent Office

Appendix 12 Senate Report Accompanying Senate Bill No. 239, 24th Cong., 1st Sess. (April 28, 1836)

Appendix 13 Patent Act of 1839, Ch. 88, 5 Stat. 353-355 (March 3, 1839)

Appendix 14 Patent Act of 1870, Ch. 230, 16 Stat. 198-217 (July 8, 1870)

Appendix 15 Patent Act of 1897, Ch. 391, 29 Stat. 692-694 (March 3, 1897)

Appendix 16 Patent Act of 1903, Ch. 1019, 32 Stat. 1225-1227 (March 3, 1903)

Appendix 17 Patent Act of 1928, Ch. 730, 45 Stat. 732 (May 24, 1928)

Appendix 18 Patent Act of 1939, Ch. 450, 53 Stat. 1212 (August 5, 1939)

Appendix 19 Senate Report N. 1979, 82nd Cong., 2d Sess. (1952) With Revisor's Notes on Patent Act of 1952

Appendix 20 House Report No. 96-1307, 96th Cong., 2d Sess. (1980)

Appendix 21 House and Senate Reports on the Creation of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Appendix 22 Legislative History of the Patent Law Amendments Act of 1984

Appendix 23 Discussion Accompanying Adoption of New Interference Rules

Appendix 24 United States Patent and Trademark Office, Policy Statement on Patentability of Animals

Appendix 25 Legislative History of the Process Patent Amendments Act of 1988

Appendix 26 Patent Misuse Reform

Appendix 27 Duty of Disclosure: Final Rules

Appendix 28 American Invents Act of 2011


Part III. Federal Circuit Guide

A. Topical Outline with Abstracts

1000 Patentability

2000 Specification and Claims -- 35 U.S.C. Section 112

3000 Prosecution -- Procedures in the Patent and Trademark Office

4000 Inequitable Conduct

5000 Infringement

6000 Remedies

7000 Collateral Estoppel -- Law of the Case

8000 Jurisdiction and Review

9000 Ownership and Transfer of Patent Rights

B. [Reserved]

C. Cross Reference Table

D. Case Table With Full Case Citations

E. Chronological Case Table

Part IV. Supreme Court Patent Guide

SCG-1000 Patentability

SCG-2000 Specification and Claims -- 35 U.S.C. Section 112

SCG-3000 Prosecution -- Procedures in the Patent and Trademark Office

SCG-4000 Inequitable Conduct

SCG-5000 Infringement

SCG-6000 Remedies

SCG-7000 Collateral Estoppel -- Law of the Case

SCG-8000 Jurisdiction and Review

SCG-9000 Ownership and Transfer of Patent Rights