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Can't Get into the Dilution Club? Now Would Be a Good Time to Revisit Likelihood of Confusion

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Print Book :Softcover, 140 pages
ISBN: 9781422419168
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Trying to enforce a valuable but non-megastar trademark? This handbook is what you need. Written by the author of Gilson on Trademarks for the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting, it comprehensively summarizes the legal test for trademark infringement. The eminent UK blogger Professor Jeremy Philips noted on that “this tome packs quite a punch, giving a crisp, clear account of where US law on likelihood of confusion stands…” It also features meaty footnotes with helpful case summaries and quotations. Serving as both a refresher course for the experienced and an education for the novice, it is just the thing for the opinion letter, the briefcase and the long plane ride.

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