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California Fire Laws, 2012 Edition

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By working with the Fire Marshall's Office, we have expanded the scope to include all of the material you need!! The print publication includes the statutes directly related to the Fire Service, Life Safety, and Building Inspection.

Included are the statutes related to Arbitration of Firefighter Labor Disputes, Employment Regulations and Supervision, and Workers Compensation and Insurance.

This reliable, durable, user-friendly publication with an unbeatable price includes a quick reference index, a comprehensive index, and thorough table of contents

Features At-A-Glance:

    •   Annotations by LexisNexis' attorney-editors

    •   Comprehensive Index and Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Health and Safety Code 

Division 2. Licensing Provisions

Division 11. Explosives

  •  Part 1. High Explosives

  •  Part 2. Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Devices

  •  Part 3. Flamethrowing Devices

Division 12. Fires and Fire Protection

  •  Part 1. General Provisions

  •  Part 2. Fire Protection

  •  Part 2.7. Fire Protection District Law of 1987

  •  Part 3. Fire Protection Districts

  •  Part 4. Fire Companies In Unincorporated Towns

  •  Part 5. Abatement of Hazardous Weeds and Rubbish

  •  Part 6. Abatement Of Hazardous Weeds And Rubbish: Alternative Procedure

  •  Part 7. Cigarette Lighters

  •  Part 8. Cigarettes

Division 13. Housing

  •  Part 1.5. Regulation of Buildings used for Human Habitation

  •  Part 2.1. Mobilehome Parks Act

  •  Part 2.4. Camps

  •  Part 2.5. State Building Standards

Division 26. Air Resources

  •  Part 4. Nonvehicular Air Pollution Control

Division 105. Communicable Disease Prevention And Control

  •  Part 6. Veterinary Public Health and Safety

Public Resources Code

Division 4. Forests, Forestry and Range and Forage Lands

  •  Part 1. Definitions and General Provisions

  •  Part 2. Protection of Forest, Range and Forage Lands

  •  Part 2.5. Forest Resources

  •  Part 3. Lumber, Logs, and Timber

  •  Part 4. Conservation and Training Program

Division 10.5. California Forest Legacy Program Act of 2007

Code of Civil Procedure

Part 3. Special Proceedings of a Civil Nature

Education Code

Title 1. General Education Code Provisions

Division 1. General Education Code Provisions

  •  Part 10. School Bonds

  •  Part 19. Miscellaneous

Government Code

Title 1. General

  •  Division 3.6. Public Liability

Title 5. Local Agencies

  •  Division 1. Cities and Counties

Labor Code

Division 2. Employment Regulation and Supervision

  •  Part 1. Compensation

  •  Part 7. Public Works and Public Agencies

Division 4. Workers' Compensation and Insurance

  •  Part 1. Scope and Operation

  •  Part 2. Computation of Compensation

Penal Code

Part 1. Crimes and Punishments

Vehicle Code

Division 11. Rules of the Road

Division 14. Transportation of Explosives

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