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Business Law Monographs, Volume G1--Computer Law Strategies

Publisher: Matthew Bender
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ISBN: 9780820524238
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Computer Law Strategies, covers the legal aspects of many of the fundamental technology issues confronting companies today. This cutting-edge publication assists counsel in understanding the issues, identifying the hazards and formulating strategies for managing technology-related risk in today┬┐s business environment, a world increasingly reliant upon hardware, software and embedded chip technology.

If your client or company...

  • acts as licensee of third-party technology
  • develops or customizes software for its own purposes
  • acts as licensor of technology products in the United States or abroad
  • plans to design and construct a commercial Web site
  • advertises, markets or sells products or services through its Web Site

    ...then Computer Law Strategies will enable you to formulate successful strategies for handling the various legal concerns brought on by computerization. In this digital age, as companies continue to assume new and diverse roles in relation to technology, Computer Law Strategies helps corporate counsel to anticipate, understand, and manage the shifting risks and obligations to which client-companies become exposed.
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