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Burns Indiana Statutes Annotated - Civil Procedure: Definitions Through Injunctions (T.34, Articles 1-26)

Publisher: Michie

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ISBN: 9781422453681
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Title 34 Civil Law and Procedure
Article 1 Civil Code of 1881
Article 2 Procedures and Proceedings
Article 3 Evidence
Article 4 Special Proceedings
Article 5 Indiana Rules of Civil Procedure
Article 6 Definitions
Article 7 General Provisions
Article 8 Rules of Procedure
Article 9 Parties
Article 10 Access to Courts by Indigent Persons
Article 11 Limitation of Actions
Article 12 Prohibited Causes of Action
Article 13 Causes of Action: Claims Against the Government
Article 14 Causes of Action: Declaratory Judgment
Article 15 Causes of Action: Defamation, Libel, and Slander
Article 16 Causes of Action: Gambling Debts and Losses
Article 17 Causes of Action: Informations
Article 18 Medical Malpractice
Article 19 Causes of Action: Nuisances
Article 20 Causes of Action: Products Liability
Article 21 Causes of Action: Replevin
Article 22 Causes of Action: Sureties' Remedies Against Principals
Article 23 Causes of Action: Wrongful Death
Article 24 Civil Proceedings Related to Criminal Activities
Article 25 Special Proceedings: Attachment and Garnishment
Article 25.5 Special Proceedings: Habeas Corpus
Article 26 Special Proceedings: Injunctions and Restraining Orders